Waste recycling

Citizens, do you know what you're paying for? Do you know how your mayor handles waste? Ask your mayor how waste is paid for

Waste sorting has been something our country can be proud of for several years now. Our citizens sort very well indeed and are at the top in Europe. Yet some municipalities with comparable parameters pay more for comparable waste services and some pay less, even though we all sort for a living. Why is that? Czechs [...]

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Intelligent waste management system in the municipality of Šitbořice

The South Moravian municipality of Šitbořice operates a unique waste sorting system that directly involves local residents. They can sort their waste at home into marked bags and the municipality then reimburses them part of the normal municipal waste collection fees as a reward. Each household has its own 'waste account' where it can check how much and [...]

News, Waste recycling, Waste sorting