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FEAD & CHAObH joint event on Greater Energy and Material Security in EU Countries

Prague, 22 September 2022 - FEAD, the voice of Europe's private resource and waste management industry, alongside its Czech member, the Czech Association of Circular Economy (ČAObH), organised a successful event on Greater Energy and Material Security in EU Countries. The hybrid event hosted prominent politicians, experts, and high-level EU officials including Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, [...]


Has the current energy crisis cornered recycling?

What place should waste have in the energy mix? Is the emission allowance system fair? Do European environmental targets such as recycling vs. reducing greenhouse gas emissions go against each other? Do "old" and "young" EU countries have the same opportunities to achieve them? These are just some of the themes of the international conference on Enhanced Energy and Material Security in the [...]


Conference is coming, registration from 8 August

In the context of all the current changes, we have been fine-tuning the programme until the last minute to ensure that the conference provides as many answers to current questions as possible, brings very specific topics and fits into the context of the Czech Presidency during which it is taking place. The main and very clear theme is energy and raw materials. Are we taking sufficient account of the principles of the circular economy and reserves in today's crisis [...]


Biomethane production

- The European Parliament has finally recognised natural #gas as a low-carbon technology as part of the #taxonomy of responsible investment. It did so, however, with the condition that 30% will be from renewable sources from 2026 and 55% from 2030. What does this mean for the country?Increase the number of #biomethane plants. We are still the only producer of a low-emission alternative [...]


Conference Waste and Municipalities, Hradec Králové, 8 - 9 June 2022 (23rd year)

Gala evening and awarding of the Crystal Bin prizes to the best municipalities in the separate collection competition. Dear Mr. Deputy Minister of the Environment, ladies and gentlemen, as a signatory of the 1999 Voluntary Agreement between companies and the state on the fulfilment of the requirements of the then already drafted Packaging Act, I was asked by the organisers of this conference to briefly evaluate what the voluntary agreement has helped to achieve. [...]


EPR or where the manufacturer's responsibility for packaging does NOT end

Kateřina Kodadová in an interview with Aleš Rod, Director of Research at the Centre for Economic and Market Analysis (CETA). The next episode of PODCAST21 answers the question of how far the producer's responsibility for the product extends. What are EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility schemes? If you've listened to previous episodes of PODCAST21, you know that we've been focusing on packaging, and we're continuing that this time around. We're breaking [...]

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IFAT Munich 2022 - celebration of the 40th birthday of FEAD 

During this year's IFAT Munich 2022, FEAD celebrated its 40th anniversary. Petr Kratochvíl, Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Czech Association of Portable Battery Manufacturers, represented the CABM at this year's IFAT Munich on 2 June 2022 with a lecture on Waste batteries in CZ. The conference was attended by 93 people in person and 65 participants from all over the world joined online. For [...]


Municipalities and their role in the sorting system

Kateřina Kodadová in an interview with Pavel Drahovzal Key topics:What is the current and future impact of sorting in municipalities?What threats do municipalities see and what opportunities do they see?Mandatory backup of PET bottles.How is the municipality-ECO-KOM-citizen relationship actually set up? Brief summary:We have already covered plastics and plastic packaging from different perspectives in PODCAST21. We talked to those who pack [...]

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Opinion of the Czech Chamber of Commerce on the intention to include the energy recovery of municipal waste in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) 

Prague, 7 March 2022 By the end of the decade, the Waste to Energy concept should be included in the EU ETS, i.e. facilities for the energy recovery of municipal waste should buy emission allowances. The Czech Circular Economy Association believes that this plan goes against the principles of the circular economy and will bring further negative impacts. Without the implementation of the concept [...]

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