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Waste technologies will help in the crisis, says conference

Waste against the energy crisis Not so long ago, the term waste management referred exclusively to the transport from point A to point B, typically from the domestic bin to the landfill, recalled Peter Kurth, President of the European Association of Waste Management (FEAD).Today, however, the sector's tasks are much broader and touch virtually all areas of the economy, from primary sorting to the provision of raw materials for industrial production, [...]


Watch the recording of the discussion Innovation Dishes #2: Circular Economy

Direct People's discussion programme, called Innovation Dishes, regularly covers topics that move the world: artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and the circular economy. Watch the recording of the discussion where Pavel Telička (Vice President of the European Parliament), Zdeněk Horsák (co-founder of the Czech Association of [...]

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Přerov will obtain heat by ecological waste processing

The town of Přerov is preparing for a change in the system of handling mixed municipal waste, which from 2024 will no longer be able to be landfilled without treatment. The Veolia Group, which is involved in the production and supply of heat and waste management, has offered the city an energy route. The cooperation was confirmed in Přerov by representatives of the town and the company in the form of a memorandum. The effective use of treated waste [...]

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Havířov, Karviná and Veolia want to build waste recovery facilities together

Havířov and Karviná are tackling the problem of mixed municipal waste, which from 2024 will no longer be able to be landfilled without treatment. The cities have therefore teamed up with Veolia, which produces heat for the region and also deals with waste management. The cooperation was confirmed today in Havířov in the form of a memorandum. Through working groups, they will start preparing a project [...]

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Thanks to grey containers, over 91 tonnes of metal waste were sorted in Prague

In the first year of operation of the grey containers, designed mainly for the collection of empty beverage cans, Prague residents sorted over 91 tonnes of metal packaging. People sorted the most cans this June, 13.36 tonnes. Radim Mana, spokesman for Prague Services, said. The collection of metal packaging started last August and now there are 456 grey containers on the streets of the capital. [...]

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The journey of paper from the blue container to the facade of houses

Paper is a commodity that can be recycled up to 7 times, so it is great that the Czechs are among the European leaders in paper sorting. Every year, each inhabitant sorts about 14 kilograms of paper, which is more than 147,000 thousand tonnes per year. According to EKO-KOM, the recycling rate for paper is as high as 94%, which is the highest of all [...]

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Veolia prepares coal slag for reuse in the production of industrial abrasives

Veolia is preparing the energy by-product of coal combustion at Elektrárna-Třebovice for reuse in the production of industrial abrasives. Electricity is still largely produced in coal-fired power plants in the Czech Republic. The coal is burned in a boiler, the heat generated heats water, which turns into steam that drives a turbine that generates electricity. This classic electricity generation process is still [...]

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