21. 2. 2018

Přerov will obtain heat by ecological waste processing

The town of Přerov is preparing for a change in the system of handling mixed municipal waste, which from 2024 will no longer be able to be landfilled without treatment. The Veolia Group, which is involved in the production and supply of heat and waste management, has offered the city an energy route. The cooperation was confirmed in Přerov by representatives of the town and the company in the form of a memorandum. The efficient use of treated waste will help to partially replace coal, reduce the amount of emissions released into the air and prevent uncontrollable increases in payments to residents.

The inhabitants of Přerov produce approximately 13,300 tonnes of municipal waste annually. The global trend is to use waste as a valuable raw material as much as possible. In line with this trend and in accordance with Czech and European legislation, the representatives of the town of Přerov and the Veolia Group have agreed to work together to build a modern system for sorting, processing and recovering waste for the benefit of the region's inhabitants.

"Our heating facilities are undergoing extensive modernisation and greening, which we would like to adapt to the current needs of the region. We are able to produce heat and electricity in an environmentally friendly way from sorted and processed municipal waste, offering the city an efficient solution," said Josef Novák, CEO of Veolia Energie ČR and member of the Board of Directors of the VEOLIA CZECH REPUBLIC Group.

"We want to be ready for the ban on municipal waste landfilling that will come into force in 2024. We cannot build the necessary technologies on our own. Thealliance with Veolia makes sense, it should prevent uncontrolled and sharp increase in heat and municipal waste payments," said Petr Měřínský, Deputy Mayor of Přerov. "This is an important strategic step for the city. I believe that by the end of the year we will find a concrete optimal solution together," added Vladimír Puchalský, Mayor of Přerov.

"Our task will be to design the most suitable technology for sorting the material recoverable and recyclable components and preparing TAP from the residual part of non-recyclable sorted municipal waste from the Přerov region. Thetechnology could and should be common for several towns, as is common in Austria, France or Germany, for example," said Milan Chromík, Director of Veolia Waste Utilization Group of the Czech Republic. Other towns and municipalities or business entities will be able to join the project, which could make the project more efficient.

The Memorandum was approved by the City Council on 22 January 2018. After the signing, working groups with the participation of experts will be established to jointly seek the most suitable solutions and technologies for the benefit of the region's residents. The final output will be a joint statement summarizing the conclusions and possibilities for further cooperation between the parties.

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