19. 12. 2022

One of the main tasks for 2023 is to prepare a modern Waste Management Plan of the Czech Republic until 2040 - the CABH is already involved in its preparation

PDF 2022_Waste Management Plan of the Czech Republic for the period 2025 - 2040 draft of the ČAObH

The National Waste Management Plan is the basis for regional plans. However, it is clear that a number of capacities or practices only make sense to plan at the national level and not at the county level. Therefore, the individual provisions and targets of the national plan should always be accompanied by clear information on whether it is envisaged that the infrastructure, capacity or target must be developed at the level of the county plan or whether the target or capacity is national, as a sum for the whole country. An example would be the need for energy recovery or chemical recycling capacity, which is needed nationally, but it cannot be expected that the necessary facilities will be in every county. In contrast, each county needs a collection network for sorted waste, some follow-up capacity for waste sorting, or some minimum landfill space for emergency purposes.

PDF 2022_ Letter from the Czech Environmental Protection Agency dated 19 October 2022 to the Deputy Minister of the Environment Mgr. David Surý regarding the POH 2025 - 2040

PDF 2022_Summary of current events and plan for next year's FEAD activities at EU level

"In November 2022, FEAD published an update on the latest developments in the circular economy (mainly for 2022) as well as a description of FEAD's intentions for 2023. These include waste shipments as well as the inclusion of WEEE in the EU ETS, the Ecodesign Regulation, the Battery Regulation, waste management and chemicals, the textile waste strategy and finally the upcoming topics and expected FEAD events."