If you were to briefly state what GREEN DEAL is, what would be your answer?

The CABH continues to work on the development of circular economy principles in the Czech Republic. After the enforcement of new waste laws, which bring fundamental changes and restrictions on landfilling, we continue to work.

Diverting waste from landfill, straightening the waste hierarchy and prioritising recovery is a prerequisite for further action. We have identified key issues to address that we are working on at the CAObH.

You will hear more about them in our webinar series GREEN DEAL - Threat or Opportunity?

They will be presented by Zdeněk Horsák, Vice-Chairman of the ČAObH Executive Committee and CEO of SUEZ CZ.

We asked the speakers: If you had to briefly state, what is GREEN DEAL, what would be your answer?

Zdeněk Horsák, SUEZ CZ: "Definitely a big challenge!"

Radek Špicar, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic: 'GD is a fact for which the Czech Republic has raised its hand. Now we have to do everything we can to ensure that it does not destroy our competitiveness, but strengthens it."

Miloš Kužvart, ČAObH: "Return to responsible resource management."

What do you think? Come and discuss, starting on 15 June at 9am.

More information about the individual speakers here.

WEBINAR 2021: Is GREEN DEAL a threat or an opportunity?

We invite you to a unique series of webinars 15 June - 22 June - 29 June 2021 What does GREEN DEAL bring and will bring to the Czech industry? And what will it bring to the environment? We will take a purely pragmatic look at the green deal in an information-packed webinar series prepared by the Czech Association of Circular Economy. The series consists of three unique online meetings. Meet [...]

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