Technology neutrality can have serious environmental impacts

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 - The Czech Circular Economy Association considers the principle of technological neutrality a gamble in the field of environmental protection. Let us recall that technology neutrality generally means that the state does not favour certain technologies to the detriment of others. However, this is what landfill companies often call for. They do not want efficient technologies to be favoured over landfill. They do so mainly because [...]

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Recycling of waste in the Czech Republic is hindered by landfillers from ČAOH, the new association ČAObH wants to promote waste recovery

Monday, October 3, 2016 - Prague, June 23, 2016 - The Czech Association of Circular Economy (ČAObH) is a newly founded, emerging group (a constituent association), whose birth was initiated by the companies VEOLIA and SITA CZ together with representatives of the academic sphere (VŠCHT). The main objective of the association is to promote the ideas of circular economy in the Czech Republic and to fight against landfilling of usable waste. [...]

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Miloš Kužvart wore the jersey of the Czech Association of Circular Economy (CAObH)

Former Minister of the Environment Miloš Kužvart has become the Executive Director of the Czech Association of Circular Economy (ČAObH). Since its inception, the association has supported all aspects of the circular economy (circular economy) and currently works primarily to promote the recycling and recovery of waste instead of dumping waste in the ever-expanding Czech landfills. Who does the ČAObH associate?The Czech Association of Circular Economy, z. s., (ČAObH) [...]

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